200 East Franklin, Box #2 Hillsboro, TX 76645

Special Meeting

John Erwin Annex--  April 7, 2020--9:15 am

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board of commissioners

Hill County ESD#2 Commissioners are appointed by the County Commissioners with an at large Commissioner appointed by the County Judge.  Hill County ESD#2 Commissioners serve on a volunteer basis and receive no pay for their service. Commissioners serve two year terms.


Precinct 1 – represented by Bob Stahl, Treasurer, (214) 213-8242

Precinct 2 – represented by Tad Duncan, President, (254) 498-0222

Precinct 3 – represented by Kevin Bragg, Assistant Secretary, (214-714-6070

Precinct 4 – represented by Jimmy Lehmann, Vice President, (254) 580-3078

At Large – Dan Giles, Secretary, (979) 777-1775 

About ESD #2

    Hill County Emergency Services District #2 is a political subdivision of the State of Texas.  Voters in Hill County approved the formation of Hill County ESD#2 for the purpose of providing emergency medical service to residents of the  District.  Hill County ESD#2 covers all residents of the county who reside outside the city limits and ETJs of the cities of Hillsboro and Whitney.

    Hill County ESD#2 is funded through a property tax of $.048572 per $100 valuation, and a sales tax  that ranges from 1/2 cent - 1 cent depending on location.

    Hill County ESD#2 contracts with CareFlite to provide both ground and air emergency medical service.

There are currently four ground ambulances stationed in the county which are available 24/7.  They are stationed  at Whitney, Itasca, Hillsboro and Hubbard.  Another ambulance is on call during daylight hours and is on station at Covington.  In addition to the ground units, CareFlite maintains a rotary wing air ambulance on station at our Whitney base.  

    The administrative offices for Hill County ESD#2 are located at 200 E. Franklin in the John Erwin Annex in Hillsboro. 

Every resident of ESD #2 receives the following benefits paid for by the ESD #2:

  • Caring Heart Ground and Air membership – ESD #2 pays a yearly membership of $65,000 on behalf of ESD #2 residents. This allows residents of the District to utilize CareFlite’s emergency medical services at no cost to the resident.  Residents with insurance do not receive a bill for ems services, while residents without health insurance are only billed 50% of the original charges. The membership also covers residents wherever CareFlite is located, not just in Hill County. For more information on Caring Heart coverage, visit http://www.careflite.org/membership.aspx
  •  Air-Evac (AirMed) – ESD #2 pays a yearly membership of $53,952 on behalf of ESD #2 residents. This allows residents, insured and uninsured, to utilize Air-Evac’s emergency medical services at no cost to the resident. Membership covers Hill County and all contiguous counties. National coverage is an additional $35/year. For more information on Air-Evac coverage, visit www.lifeteam.net


  • Paid personnel – no volunteers
  • State of the art equipment
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) level
  • Professional and involved medical direction
  • Daily supervisor oversight and direction
  • Quality assurance and training programs
  • Safety and risk management programs
  • No unexpected or hidden costs
  • Ability to provide back-up when needed

Contact Us

Hill County Emergency Services District #2

200 East Franklin, Box #2 Hillsboro, TX 76645

254-659-8136 esd2@co.hill.tx.us FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES DIAL 911